Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aplicaciones del cubano

Para quien preguntó que cual era el uso del cubano, aquí les dejo una parte de una página que encontré en internet en el que explican sus aplicaciones y propiedades:

Cubanes are not inherently toxic. They are considered as biologically stable, lipophilic platforms on which a wide choice of substituents in a variety of well defined spatial relationships can be installed.
The distance across the cube (diagonally) is very similar to that of the ipso-para distance across a benzene ring; meaning that functional groups can be not only added within the 'benzene-plane' but above and below it. This creates a huge opening for research in the field of substituted cubanes as replacements for bezyl groups within drug development as they would offer similar behaviour yet more options and maybe new solutions as they would provide more sites for substitution.
It has already been discovered that dipivaloylcubane -a cubane derivatized with keto, cyano, and amide groups (shown below) exhibits moderate activity against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) without causing any damage to healthy cells within the body.
Also, a phenylcubane derivative has been known to show some anti-cancer properties just showing the versatility and maybe the pharmaceutical basis for further applications of cubane and its derivatives.

El resto de las aplicaciones se pueden encontrar aquí:

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