Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amazing renewable hydrogen and natural gas using: sun + CO2 +H20

Amazing renewable hydrogen and natural gas using: sun + CO2 +H20
The technology HyperSolar is developing is extraordinary -- using the sun and carbon dioxide and water to create renewable hydrogen and natural gas. How does the technology work?
HyperSolar, Inc. with the University of California, Santa Barbara describes its process as inspired by photosynthesis where by plants use the sun's energy for fuel. To replicate this, the Santa Barbara-based company is "developing a novel solar-powered nanoparticle system that mimics photosynthesis to separate hydrogen from water. The free hydrogen can then be reacted with carbon dioxide to produce methane."

Something like this:
2H20-->2H2 + O2
2H2 + CO2 --> CH4 + O2
And then.. burn it!
CH4 + 2O2 + heat --> CO2 + 2H20 + energy

"If this were not enough "the company is developing a process to use wastewater in place of pure water. In this case, not only will the water come at no cost but it will also leave the process clean"
“UCSB is world renown for its scientific accomplishments. “We are very excited about this opportunity to gain access to the talents and state-of-the-art facilities of one of the world’s top universities for scientific impact,” he said.
Natural gas is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the U.S. As the country debates the environmental impact of extracting the fuel from beneath the earth's surface, President Obama is throwing his support at expanding the natural gas infrastructure."

I hope that here in Mexico could pay more attention to environmental issues and sustainable energy. So, little by little, become less dependent on oil

Find more information on this work in the UCSB website:
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