Monday, November 06, 2006

Más acerca de la energía....

Chequen lo que propone Green Peace de opciones para la energía renovable:

Solutions to global warming - renewable energy, energy efficiency and new environmentally sound technologies - already exist.

The latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirms that hundreds of technologies are now available, at very low cost, to reduce climate damaging emissions, and that government policies need to remove the barriers to these technologies.Implementing these solutions will enable people to usher in a new era of energy, one that will bring economic growth, new jobs, technological innovation and, most importantly environmental protection.However, for green solutions to global warming to find a foothold in the market, governments and corporations need to shift away from polluting technology. In most industrial countries, conventional electricity is heavily subsidised, and the negative environmental impacts of its production are not reflected in the cost to end-users.The time has come for us end our addiction to fossil fuels and other climate damaging technologies. Here you can discover how clean renewable energies, like wind, solar, bioenergy, hydroelectric and other sources can combine to create a clean energy revolution. Discover also the misleading myths about these solutions pushed by vested interests aiming to stop the clean energy revolution.
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NanoBlogger said...

Necesitamos movernos de una economía centrada en los energéticos fósiles hacia una economía centrada en los recursos renovables y conciente de la necesidad de ahorrar energía. Hacer más con menos. De otra forma, nos viene una década muy preocupante...en donde los químicos aportaremos soluciones a los problemas de energía del mundo (entre muchas otras cosas).

 NEODIMIO  ¡no te lo pierdas!