Thursday, December 01, 2011

Cómo hacer cloroformo :P

Making the chloroform. Wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, and so on to ensure you are well protected. The instructions to make chloroform are listed in an easy-to-follow bulleted list:

Start by filling up a glass container with half a liter of bleach
Lower the temperature of the bleach solution by adding ice also into the container and allowing it to cool.
Pour 10 ml of the acetone (to maintain a ratio of 1: 50, one part acetone to fifty parts of bleach) into the container.
Add some more ice to keep the temperature low. Replacing the cubes that have already melted will ensure this. The bleach must be kept cool as otherwise it will emit fumes of bleach and chloroform.
Keep aside for 20 minutes to ensure complete reaction. In a while clouding up can be seen with an increase in temperature.
Allow time for the reaction to settle. This will take about half an hour, but if after this time also the solution does not appear to be settling, a stir will help.
Once settled, you will see either be a white powder residue or a bubble at the bottom. This is chloroform.
Pour the solution out with care, ensuring that no powder or bubble leaves the container.
Now the pure chloroform, which remains in the glass container, can be extracted with a separation funnel.

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