Friday, May 04, 2007

Poesía en la Química...

Para que vean que tanto sufren las personas que pasan horas en el laboratorio que hasta poesía componen con dedicatoria al protón (me pregunto si los disolventes serán los que provoquen estos desórdenes mentales jajaja o la soledad del laboratorio ¿?)


Ode To A Proton by
Shay Heather Davies (5/19/98)

Oh proton, how your positive charge makes me blush!

I watch you from a distance, and my heart just turns to mush...
If only I was a neutron, we could frolic for awhile,
and then my dear I'm sure, I would wear a permanent smile.
But alas, I'm an electron, and I must watch you from afar,

so far from where you are.

It seems to me that my fate is sealed,
but how can my love not be revealed?
My mass will not be complete until you are mine,
so give me this chance, and show me a sign.
Some day our gazes will meet, and I'll see your eyes,
and we will meet together and neutralize...
so until that day, farewell my opposite attract,

my love for you will always stay intact.

Copyright © 1998
Shay Heather Davies

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